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Topic: Follow-up to Hull Zero Three

From: patrick
Date: 04/01/2013

Greg, you are one of the authors I follow religiously. I was really impressed with the Halo series; IMHO it takes somebody special to turn a game into a great story. Anyway, your ending to hull zero three seemed (to me) to set up a sequel. Any chance of that happening? I apologize if this has been asked before...


Re: Follow-up to Hull Zero Three

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/10/2013

No sequel plans for HULL. But a new trilogy of my own devising is in the works! About two-thirds finished with rough draft of volume 1.

Re: Follow-up to Hull Zero Three

From: patrick
Location: usa
Date: 04/10/2013

Outstanding, and can't wait.

Re: Follow-up to Hull Zero Three

From: Roald Laurenson
Location: north of the border
Date: 04/15/2013

Absolutely wonderful news, to hear about the new work, Greg.

A pause for thought about the idea up-front of a trilogy. In fact I've often been quite interested in the ways you arrive at entirely fresh points of view and even writing style for each book of a series. Very much appreciated ;)

Take care up there in the land of the more-often gloom. I miss it in fact, and am liking that we have some again for a few days down here.

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