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Topic: Darwin's Radio study guide

From: Becky Campbell
Location: Champaign, IL
Date: 03/22/2013

Mr. Bear,

I absolutely love your Darwin books. This is my pick for our book club this month. I have been looking for a discussion guide, but cannot find one online. Do you have a discussion guide you can email me? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Becky Campbell

Re: Darwin's Radio study guide

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/10/2013

Hello, Becky! I am not aware of any online discussion guides, but let's ask the Mass Mind if they know of any?

I can certainly answer a few bookclub questions, if your group has any!

Re: Darwin's Radio study guide

From: Crystal Beyers
Location: Urbana, IL
Date: 04/16/2013

Mr. Bear,

Coincidentally, I am the head of Becky's book club, Novel Idea, and I was searching for the same thing. When I saw the link to the direct site I thought this might be gold! If you are willing to answer some questions after our meeting, I will certainly ask on 4/18/13.

However, if you could give me something to spark up conversation (besides this fantastic novel), that would also be much appreciated.

Thank you very much!

Crystal Beyers

Re: Darwin's Radio study guide

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/16/2013

I'll let the book speak for itself. If it doesn't spark debate, than try DARWIN'S CHILDREN, which should really mix it up...

Re: Darwin's Radio study guide

From: Gregory A. Miller
Date: 06/26/2013

In the July 2013 issue of the scientific journal, Clinical Psychological Science, a review article by Slavich & Cole on "the emerging field of human social genomics" provides material on mechanisms consistent with the hints in Darwin's Radio that social pressures can foster human evolution.

Re: Darwin's Radio study guide

From: Greg Bear
Date: 06/27/2013

Interesting! Where can I get an offprint?

Thanks, Gregory!

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