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Topic: silentium questions that linger... =)

From: Khiem Ta
Location: so.cal
Date: 03/22/2013

First off, a monumental accomplishment with Silentium. not only a thrilling read, but notably excellent prose as well.

now to my questions:

1) are you done with halo books? i would be sad if that were the case.

2) the question of what happened to the ship that chakas/343 commandeered is not answered. for future fiction?

3) how aware were you of past forerunner fiction? (i.e., references in previous games, notably the terminals.) i ask because at the end, didact asks 343GS if he would fire the array. that's almost certainly a reference to the end of halo1 when 343GS references that question to the chief. does that mean at that point, 343 is mistaking the chief for didact?

4) what happens to the forerunners that survive? in the halo3 terminals the didact references a Great Journey that he must undertake post-firing; almost certainly that was the point of confusion that set the covenant off on their crusades. some of the forerunners must've survived. certainly the ones on the Ark (isodidact, the new lifeshaper, etc).

5) why did the forerunners fire the halo located at the greater ark, at the Large Magellanic Cloud? what happened to all the forerunners that manned that fleet? it seems they were victorious, and then they just vanished, leaving their pristine ships behind. why did they maroon the forerunners that survived?

that's all i got for now, but be prepared for more =D

Re: silentium questions that linger... =)

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/10/2013

Thanks, Khiem! These are all excellent questions. I'll answer a few and leave the rest to future developments. Indeed, we worked very hard to incorporate past game canon into these books, and match the books up with what we see in HALO 4. I'm working on another trilogy of my own books at the moment, so no future plans for HALO novels. But this has all been a real pleasure, not least interacting with the Halo fans and readers!

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