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Topic: Greg Bear, Thank You!

From: David
Location: Minnesota
Date: 03/20/2013

Words cannot express your quality of writing that we as Halo Fans are so glad to have encountered.

The Forerunner Trilogy not only stands as one of Halo's best Book Trilogy, but one of the greatest Sci-Fi experiences of all time.

Silentium was incredible. Filling in the gaps of past and present Halo games, and also completing the hole in the storyline of what happened to the Forerunners.

No one could have done your job any better. Thank you for fleshing out the Forerunners, Precursors (Especially them, haven't been freaked out by a book in a while. Full on Cosmic Terror is awesome), and Ancient Humanity. With the major story gaps filled in, I feel that the Halo universe can move on towards a greater purpose with the help of your writing.

Thank you for becoming such an awesome writer. I hope, and cannot wait to read, or experience your next venture into the Halo Universe.

Re: Greg Bear, Thank You!

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/10/2013

It was fun to play around in the Halo universe! At the moment, I'm working on quite another trilogy, and I can only hope that meets your approval as well.

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