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Topic: Halo Silentium, Precursor question

From: Matthew
Location: Revere MA
Date: 03/19/2013

Greg let me start off by saying Halo: Silentium was a great read equal parts fascinating and thought provoking. The transformation of the Ur-Didact was well done.

My questions however stray as always to the precursors. I hope you can clarify a little bit. First example is the following passage...

"A few were spared. Some adopted new strategies for survival; they went dormant. Others became dust that could regenerate our past forms; time rendered this dust defective. It brought only disease and misery; but that was good, we saw the misery and found it good."


It states that some went dormant, which to me implied that not all became the flood. Are there still some Precursors lurking out there somewhere in their true forms, awaiting their chance at a return?

The second question would be does the Flood have knowledge and memory of the fact that they were/are Precursors? If so is it possible for them to ever regain their true nature?

Matt M

Re: Halo Silentium, Precursor question

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/10/2013

Thanks, Matthew!

I'll leave those questions and answers to the next round of creativity at 343. Wouldn't want to cramp their style...

Re: Halo Silentium, Precursor question

From: Matthew
Location: Revere MA
Date: 04/10/2013

Thanks for the reply Greg. I love what you have brought to Halo, and hope you decide to make another foray into the Universe.

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