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Topic: me again ;)

From: stephen
Location: san jose
Date: 10/17/2012

I offer no charge sir, only perspective. You have much work left and I look foward to it. If I could be frank without offense, you are my second most respected ancestor of europe, only because I have not found the first yet. Please don't think I didn't learn something, even about my own feelings. It's only, you understand, we have to say what has to be said for our ears. You sir, are an awesome ambassador. One day the time will come when two aryan looking peoples have a natural black african child, and two black africans have a natural "aryan" child, this is the only thing I look foward to more than our work.

Re: me again ;)

From: Greg Bear
Date: 10/17/2012

Cool ideas, Stephen. Perhaps you should take a look at DARWIN'S RADIO and DARWIN'S CHILDREN for more of that sort of perspective! And in the meantime, take a look at Octavia Butler, Nisi Shawl, Andrea Hairston, and Steve Barnes, as well as Samuel R. Delany--if you aren't already very familiar with them. They've been very helpful to me over the years.

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