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Topic: Queen of Angels

From: Wendell Wilson
Location: Carrboro NC
Date: 10/04/2012

Mr Bear
I grew up reading science fiction (Bradbury, Heinlien, Clarke, Asimov,etc.Plenty of good new things have come along since then, but it's hard to to match that original sense of wonder.
I just re-read Queen of Angels for the nth time.
I think this might be the best science fiction novel ever written, no holds barred. Thank you, and God bless you-
Wendell Wilson

Re: Queen of Angels

From: Greg Bear
Date: 10/31/2012

Thanks for your kind thoughts, Wendell! QUEEN OF ANGELS is one of my favorites as well. I was inspired by many books, including Brunner's STAND ON ZANZIBAR. And it's good to see that David Brin (EXISTENCE), Kim Stanley Robinson (2312), and Niven and Benford (BOWL OF HEAVEN) are continuing the tradition this year!

Re: Queen of Angels

From: Pear Lover
Date: 11/17/2012

Holy shit - Brin is back to writing? And Gregory, too. My occasional visits award me.

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