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Topic: The Precursors, Halo

From: Matthew
Location: Revere MA
Date: 10/04/2012

Dear Mr. Bear,

I have loved Halo since the beginning, and your forerunner trilogy so far is outstanding! I find myself drawn to and deeply fascinated by the Precursors. I hope we will be seeing more of them in the future. I truly hope there are more than just a few out there, and that they come to play a major part in the fture of not only your novels but the Halo series as well.

I Guess my question would be will we see the Precursors return, and reclaim what is rightfully theirs?

Thank your for the utter epicness and new life you have injected into the Halo universe.

Long live the Precursors!

Matt M

Re: The Precursors, Halo

From: Greg Bear
Date: 10/31/2012

The Precursors have heard you, Matthew... And be careful what you wish for! Thanks for the kind words. SILENTIUM is coming in March!

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