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Topic: Reclaimer and Forerunner tech.

From: Johannes H.
Location: Germany ( Stuttgart )
Date: 09/09/2012

Dear Mr.Bear
I am a huge fan of the halo franchise and your book series.
But I have a few questions, because in the whole franchise the humans are the reclaimers of the forerunners. Only they can activate the halo array or could activate the forerunner fleet in Halo Wars. So why would the forerunners make the humans their descendants if they had war with them. Why would they allow them to use their technology. Your books are realy great but this relationship between the forerunners and the humans which was always so clear ( humans are the reclaimers, named by the forerunners ) seemes now much more difficult. Also in the terminals in Halo 3 the librarian says that she discovered a race named humanity on earth, how does this fit with the modern humans in your series and the war between them and the forerunners ? The didact also says that the humans are the best thing that could happen to the forerunner civilization.This is something that doest fit for me right now.
Sorry for my little english knowledge
Keep on the good work

Re: Reclaimer and Forerunner tech.

From: Greg Bear
Date: 10/31/2012

Thanks, Johannes! Your English is just fine! We hope to answer many of these questions in HALO SILENTIUM, which is now scheduled for March in the U.S.A.

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