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Topic: Cyrano de Bergerac lives

From: Adam Browne
Location: Australia
Date: 09/03/2012

Dear Greg - ages ago you wrote a favourable blurb for my novel then called Phantasmagoriana, now Pyrotechnicon: Being a True Account of the Further Adventures of Cyrano de Bergerac among the States and Empires of the Stars. The publishing deal that we had hopes for at the time fell through; but at last we found another publisher, and it's alive! The book looks beautiful, and I was even allowed to illustrate it - you can see some illustrations and some info about the book on my blog - http://adambrowne.blogspot.com.au/

I just wanted to thank you once again, and also to ask if there's any way you could mention it on your blog or elsewhere, if you still have happy memories of it.

I hope this isn't too impudent to ask. Congratulations on your recent successes, especially the breathtaking Mongoliad.


Adam Browne

Re: Cyrano de Bergerac lives

From: Greg Bear
Date: 10/31/2012

Very cool, Adam! Looking forward to seeing the book! And thanks from all our Mongoliad authors. Third volume out this March.

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