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Topic: Your vacation on Mars with& a chicken?

From: Steven and Michael
Location: Mars
Date: 08/13/2012

Hello Greg,
We are Steve and Michael and we read your story "Why I Love Mars" on CNN and it made us smile. We have been very moved by the recent landing on Mars: it was an outstanding achievement, which was in the center of our life for the past week. We are contacting you to maybe make you smile as well&

We were so amazed and impressed about the Curiosity landing, that we decided to make a short (and unexpected) video about it& While reading "Why I Love Mars"& we could not stop thinking that you were nearby on the Mars set, your naked toes into the fine, red-orange soil :)

We would be very proud and excited if you watched it.

Here it is: http://youtu.be/7mOxQghay9w

We used an actual landscape from Mars stitched together with the footage we shot on earth.

We hope you'll enjoy watching "life on mars" as much as we enjoyed "discovering" it. Thanks for reading this,

All the best,
Chickens on Mars

Re: Your vacation on Mars with& a chicken?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/13/2012

Terrific discovery! And a very convincing one at that.

No doubt Billina has made her way from Oz to Mars... specifically


Thanks for a good cluckle--I mean, chuckle!


Re: Your vacation on Mars with& a chicken?

From: Steven Becker
Location: San Jose
Date: 08/14/2012


And just as importantly, proof that DOuglas Adams had the hierarchy only partially correct.

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