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Topic: A Song: "The Chalk Princess" by The Human Operators

From: Tungsten Carbide
Location: San Francisco / CA / USA
Date: 07/17/2012

I have placed some tracks on SoundCloud from the forthcoming EP by my band The Human Operators, among which are:

The Chalk Princess (lyrics below)

Snowflakes (instrumental epilogue to TCP)

Both are in the general electronic genre, TCP being more dubstep-ish and Snowflakes being of the "ambient" variety.

Lyrics for The Chalk Princess (c) 2012 The Human Operators LLC, reprinted below with permission, all rights reserved:

Every story begins in the center
Every story has a path
Every story changes
When you do the math

Galaxies and stars
Far away and small
Mnemosyne arrives
To change them all

And perhaps Ill slip away
Into another world
Where things were different today
I could maybe meet a girl

The sky cant remember
The stars and the moon
Mnemosyne arrives
Too soon

Feel free to share the links with your friends.
The general url is:


- W74

Re: A Song:

From: Greg Bear
Date: 07/19/2012

Lovely work! Thanks, W74!

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