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Topic: Little details in your books

From: Matthew Vartanian
Location: Somewhere outside portland Oregon
Date: 06/21/2012

Mr Bear, thank you for creating the worlds I read about in your books. Your books are sandwiched between Asimov and Clarke and deserve their place. Parts of your writing are based on experiences you've had. And things I pick up in your books are based on experiences I've had in my life. As an Armenian Oregonian I see recurring mention of my state of residence, and more interestingly, my nationality. I suspect if I weren't Armenian I would never have noticed. I'm just curious if you were aware of the casual Armenian references and what experience(s) you have had (with Armenians) that has prompted their inclusion in your books... Then again if I were Hawaiian or Polish I may have noticed inclusion of those nationalities. If you think it's the case that I'm just overly sensitive because of my somewhat obscure nationality, that's a valid answer too.

Matt Vartanian

Re: Little details in your books

From: Greg Bear
Date: 10/17/2012

Hmmm... remind me of specifics, Matthew! My mother's side of the family lived and worked in the Salinas Valley back in the thirties... right alongside Saroyan's neighborhoods. And Steinbeck's! So maybe that explains any spiritual connection!

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