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Topic: Hull Zero Three

From: Robert Kimball
Location: Patagonia, Az
Date: 05/28/2012

Just finished reading "Hull Zero three." Couldn't put it down.

I can't help but think the idea for "Hull Zero Three," came in part from a Si-Fi novel I read in the mid-1950s. I can neither remember the title nor the author. I hope you can because I long to read it again.

The story involved a star ship that was a hollowed out meteorite large enough to sustain hundreds of generations of humans on the voyage to another star.

After countless generations the purpose of the mission is lost and must be rediscovered. In fact those on board don't even know it's a star ship.

Robert Kimball
Patagonia, AZ

Re: Hull Zero Three

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/28/2012

Thanks, Robert! The generation starship idea goes back even before Heinlein's UNIVERSE, which was the first classic treatment. Later, Brian Aldiss wrote NON-STOP, another classic--but neither involved a hollowed-out asteroid. Harry Harrison's CAPTIVE UNIVERSE took on both the generation starship and the converted asteroid theme. A very large starship enters our solar system in Arthur C. Clarke's RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA. And I later used a hollowed-out asteroid as the setting for EON. My guess is you're remembering CAPTIVE UNIVERSE.

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