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Topic: Job Titles or Con Badge Names Inspired The City at the End of Time.

From: David Dorais
Location: Jackson Park house, Lake City, Seattle, WA, USA, N. America, NE Pacific, Terra, Sol, Orion Spur,
Date: 05/12/2012

A muse is a Brahman sanitation worker...

Minicosm Budder/Gardener/branch Pruner/Coppicer.

Quantun Foam De-Bubbleator--Seattle in-joke.

Universe Seeder/Sower.

Apprentice/Journeymon/Master of Ishanaxade's Groom.

Mnemosynenic Weaver/Loomer/Guildist.

Babel Builder/Beacon/Maintenance Engineer.

Glow Appreciator

Past Memory Re-Booter/Shifter/chancer- also Spacetime, Luck, Fate in place of Past/Present/Future Memory.

Foam Dis-Entangleer/ Mentor.

Sum (over histories) Runner/Stone Mason/ Entrainor.

Middle Trillenniumial Portal Mechanic.

Green Sun Tanning Salon Tech.

Hyperdetic Mathematician/Gengineer aka "Googol-eer".

SuperLuminal Transfate Re-Assembler.

Shenic Boson/Hadron/Quark--ic,al Threadfold-er,ing Engineer/Mechanic.

Nootic Sculptor.


Angelin of Eidolonics/Epitome-onics.

Shenity Ambassador to Devas/Demigods/Dakinis/etc.

Worldline Fate Jumper/Diver/Miner/Runner/Splicer.

Tachyonic Technician/Engineer.

Multiversal Merger and Acquisitions Facilitator.

Dark Mass Gravitator

Dark Energy Flow Metrician.

Godel Theoremic Compleator.

Food for Thought. Have Fun Imagining what they DO. Dare you to write short stories describing a "day" in their occupations....

Re: Job Titles or Con Badge Names Inspired The City at the End of Time.

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/12/2012

Wow! An excellent list. We shall revise our resume to reflect having held a few of those positions...

Thanks, David!

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