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Topic: Bravo

From: Thierry Panchaud
Location: Paris France
Date: 03/28/2012

I have just read your novel Darwin's Radio (in french). I thank you very much for having written it. It is so clever and enthusiastic. For once it is not about "good & bad". It makes me dream of a new world. A new man who is not more capable, but different. Very stimulating. So, once more, thank you.
I will read Darwin's Children as soon as I can.

Re: Bravo

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/07/2012

Merci beaucoup, Thierry! And if you can find it, take a look at an excellent French documentary by Jean Crepu and Ali Saib, DR. VIRUS AND MR. HYDE, a TGA production for France 5 and TVOntario.

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