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Topic: dangerous ideas for NOACH weapons

From: Steven L. Guy
Location: Croydon Park, South Australia
Date: 02/11/2007

Dear Greg Bear,

I love The Anvil of Stars and The Forge of God and I've read both several times. The Anvil of Stars is a real favourite of mine. I really felt for the Lost Boys and Wendies facing unimaginably advanced technologies in the stars and their feelings of remoteness and isolation from what was left of humanity. I wondered about the NOACH weapons and how they might be used. It struck me that Hans might have decided to turn a few hundred kilograms of the interior Killers' system's parent star into anti-matter. Would this not have caused the entire system to be destroyed - by creating an artificial nova? I wonder!?
Jennifer intrigued me - brainy, a little strange and rather attractive (in my imagination).

I can't wait for any films of these two books (I couldn't care less about a third - as long as these two books are treated properly)

I have just been re-reading Eon. I go back to that book from time to time. For some reason, it is like an old friend to me.


PS: Nice to see Quantico available locally in Borders at last!

Re: dangerous ideas for NOACH weapons

From: Greg Bear
Date: 02/12/2007

Thanks, Steven! It would probably take more than a few hundred kilograms of anti-em to blow up a star. How about a few hundred trillion kg? I haven't done the math, however! We're about to launch QUANTICO here in the U.S.--watch for more details soon.

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