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Topic: Looking for a book...Thought it was yours.

From: Dennis Bateman Sr
Location: Colorado
Date: 03/05/2012

Mr. Bear,
In 1990 I read a book titled "The End". I thought it was your book but I don't seem to find it listed in your titles. It was a book about the end of the world caused by an alien race that bombarded the earth with two meteors, one antimatter. They penetrated the earth and start racing around in the earths core. As the momentum slowed the two meteors got closer eventually meeting each other and exploding the earth.
Does this sound familiar?
The first story line was about a large cinder cone in New Mexico appearing over night and containing a decoy entity that kept the government officials busy with promises of advanced technology until its death because it was not bio engineered with a method of discharging its own waste.

Hopefully you are the Greg Bear that wrote it. If so, can you tell me where I might purchase a copy?

Sincerely yours,

Re: Looking for a book...Thought it was yours.

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/07/2012

Plot's correct in every detail, Dennis! But the title of this book was THE FORGE OF GOD. It's available in trade paperback and in e-book.

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