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Topic: The Forge of God

From: Stephen Smith
Location: Justin, TX
Date: 02/23/2012

Hi Greg,
First, let me tell you I have really liked your science fiction. FoG/Anvil stand out in my mind as does the EON series. Those bring me back to time when I was much younger and I read them when they first came out.

Anyway, my question is this. I saw that a couple years ago there was a post about getting FoG/Anvil in audiobook format. Will this ever happen? I guess same question for EON and stuff as well.

As a side note, I just bought he first Halo book last night on the way home from work. I have played Halo of course but I am not so much interested in the shoot'em up aspect as I am a good story which I have heard this is. Thanks for your work.

Re: The Forge of God

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/07/2012

These are coming shortly from Audible, if they aren't already available. Let me know if you can't find them.

Thanks, Stephen!

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