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Topic: A few questions on Primordium

From: Godot
Location: Europe
Date: 02/09/2012

First off, I want to say I've enjoyed the Forerunner novels so far and I'm looking forward to the concluding book. I've been a fan of your work, as well as Halo, for some time and it is refreshing to see the Halo universe imagined from a completely new perspective.

As you are no doubt aware, your Forerunner novels have sparked an immense amount of questions and speculations among the fan community. I'm under no illusion that you'd be able to answer some of the more significant questions I have (others have already presented some of them on this very board), so I'll just stick to a few which I think are detail-oriented enough not to involve any major story revelations.

Of particular interest to me is the new information regarding the origins of humanity and Earth. If this doesn't involve spoilers from the third book, do the locations of Marontik and Djamonkin Crater have corresponding equivalents in the real world? I noticed Marontik was described as being located in the confluence of two rivers, and ancient Mesopotamia immediately sprung to mind. It could obviously be anywhere else since there's over a 90,000 year gap between the Marontik civilization and the Mesopotamian high cultures known to us, and even Earth geography could've changed in that time (naturally - or through Forerunner intervention?). Still, it would be nice to be able to find the locations on a map.

I also have another question. Reading Primordium, I noticed that the names "hamanush" and "chamanush" seem to have switched places. Whereas in Cryptum "chamanune" and "hamanune" were used to refer to Chakas' and Riser's species, respectively, in Primordium the terms are used the other way around. Was this an intentional change made to correct an error in Cryptum? I can see why the term for the more common variety of human (which Chakas represented) would be a simpler word, or indeed closer to the modern word "human".

I think my third question may be skirting the bounds of spoiler territory, but the revelation that there were actually two Arks was surprising to say the least. I noticed how Cryptum makes no indication of there being two Arks, but the description of the Ark in the concluding chapters of Cryptum seemed decidedly different from the Ark also known as Installation 00, having six "petals" as opposed to eight and being illuminated by a series of plasma tubes instead of an artificial star. So, in light of the new information from Primordium, it seems apparent to me that the Ark in the end of Cryptum was actually the bigger Ark used to manufacture the larger Halo rings; was this meant to be so? Anyway, I'm looking forward to know how the third Forerunner novel or other future fiction will explain the absence of another Ark in the "contemporary" period of Halo fiction, or the smaller Ark's designation as "Installation 00"; it calls into question what happened to the other Ark, which also seems to be outside the installation numbering scheme.

Re: A few questions on Primordium

From: Greg Bear
Date: 02/22/2012

All good questions, Godot! All I can say is... more to come. (I'll look up the reversal on hamanush and chamanush...)

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