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Topic: Halo, mostly

From: Dartanian McLevish
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Date: 01/28/2012

Mr. Bear,
Let me start by saying I very much enjoyed the first two books in the Forerunner Saga and I hope to be reading more of your works in the future.
Now, I have a few questions. First: is there an ETA on the third Forerunner book? I understand you probably get that question at least twice a day, but I haven't found any information on this and I desperately want to know. Second: are you working with 343 Industries as you write these? It seemed there were problems with the writers and Bungie because there were discrepancies between the book and the games. Minor most of the time, but they were still there and I think it would be unfortunate if you wrote the fantastic lore you did and it was ignored by 343. Third:... well, I'd rather not spoil the emd of Primordium for people who haven't read it, so scratch the third question. I look forward to the possibility of hearing from you in the future Mr. Bear.

Re: Halo, mostly

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/30/2012

Thanks, Dartanian! Forerunner #3 is in progress right now! Early 2013 is the target pub date.

Re: Halo, mostly

From: Daranian McLevish
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Date: 01/30/2012

I eagerly await early 2013 then. Thank you for your time

Re: Halo, mostly

From: Sean
Location: Texas
Date: 03/17/2012

Alot of the discrepancies from the books were involving firepower calcs( the ".4 tenths" speed of light bit from Fall of Reach for the Super MAC cannons is a big one...)
Past that, I think the universe has been relatively consistent.
Hopefully Mr.Bear keeps of the great work and doing an excellent job at making the Forerunners the ultra-powerful civilization we envision them to be and the Flood as deadly and virulent as we can imagine.

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