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Topic: Hull Zero Three - How Far?

From: Dave Cappuccio
Location: Connecticut
Date: 01/20/2012

Hi Greg (or whoever).

Huge fan (since The Stone). I just finished Hull Three Zero and was a bit perplexed on timelines. Early in the story Ship was designed to eventually attain a speed of 0.2C, or essentially a light year every 5 years . Halfway through it was revealed that they were 434 light years from earth, which I figured equated to about 2,170 years if travel, but towards the end the group "discovered" they'd been out about 500 years. So either they traveled only 100 light years, or were going about 0.9c, or I'm just showing my age :-). Can you help?


Re: Hull Zero Three - How Far?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/20/2012

Sounds like either my characters are a little confused, or we didn't properly work out the timeline!

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