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Topic: Your book saved my fathers life!

From: Dylan Daywitt
Location: Alpine, Tx
Date: 01/18/2012

Hello, my name is Dylan Daywitt I recently purchased a so called "signed" copy of halo primordium from amazon.com. Thow I am not sure if it was a fake or not I am writing to tell you how your book potentialy saved my fathers life. On January 15 my father, brother, sister and I were on our way out of town to eat dinner with a friend when my father lost controle of the viehicle and we flipped twice into the ditch, my sister and I were not injured, my brother recieved a few major lacerations on his left arm but my father was severely injured including a broken neck, back, upper left arm, and both bones I his lower arm were broken. He is stable and recovering, but before we crashed I was reading halo primordium I distinctly remember I was on page 106. When we wrecked my head was down reading my book and after the accident there was a large DVD player by my feet (it had been thrown from the back of the viehicle) I quickly called 911 to assist my brother and father. But if I had not been reading I would have taken the full impact of that DVD player to the back of my head and would have Been incapacitated. Sadly the book was destroyed I the Accident and is barley readable. But had I been knocked out I'm affraid my father would have blead out on that long Texas road. If you contact me at my email address I can send you pictures of the accident and destroyed book.


Re: Your book saved my fathers life!

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/20/2012

Amazing story, and harrowing indeed, Dylan. Very glad to hear you're all on the mend. I now wonder if my advice as a parent to my own kids when we traveled by car--to put aside their books, games, etc., and look at the country going by--was the correct approach!

Re: Your book saved my fathers life!

From: sharon
Location: lubbock
Date: 01/31/2012

I visited your dad when he was at UMC. (I had the big yellow lab therapy dog.)We came back the following week, but he had already been moved! I wanted to write your mom and pass along a card from another homeschooling mom.
Can you send me your address?
Best Wishes,

Re: Your book saved my fathers life!

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/31/2012

Best to send actual addresses by direct email. Hope everybody gets back in touch!

Re: Your book saved my fathers life!

From: Dylan Daywitt
Location: Lubbock, Tx
Date: 02/01/2012

Thank you Shanon we received your card and who would have thought you would find me on here! Also Mr. Bear I just purchased a new copy of Primordium and have continued my story! My father is doing great and should be in rehab in the next week! I can't wait to finish and will be readily awaiting the next book!

Re: Your book saved my fathers life!

From: Greg Bear
Date: 02/22/2012

Good to hear! Thanks, Dylan, and more power to all of you.

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