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Topic: Book Signings?

From: William Austin Chinnery
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Date: 01/18/2012

Dear Greg,

I am William Chinnery from Kansas City, Missouri. I really enjoyed reading Halo: Cryptum and Halo: Primordium. So far in my point of view you are really experianced in your knowledge of the Halo Universe. I think so far that the two books I've read so far from you, that you're my favorite Sci-fi writer. I was wondering, if at any time, you could visit Kansas City, Missouri for Book signings? Thank you for your time

William A. Chinnery

Re: Book Signings?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/20/2012

Thanks, William! I'd love to, but no trips are scheduled for the time being. Still, you can buy signed copies from a number of outlets, including the University Book Store in Seattle.

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