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Topic: Halo Primordium

From: Lee Cruise
Location: Virginia
Date: 01/17/2012

I just finished your book and I thought it was very interesting especially the end. I have a few questions though that I would like answered. I was kind of confused on the Captive being a gravemind and a precursor at the same time, the way I saw it he was a gravemind but he was in the form of a "precursor". So my question is were the precursor's always Flood or was the captive in particular a gravemind taking the form of a precursor? If this is the case does that mean that once the flood is big or smart enough they can take the shape of what ever they chose? That was the first question and I hope I worded it ok, my second is that Guilty Spark was destroyed in Halo 3, and I understand in the book the AI was both Chakas and Guilty spark. I want to know if Chakas was able to split himself into exact replicas of himself or where the fractions of him and if so were they different personalities or where they simply fractions of the whole? Also when he took control of the ship he seemed more like Guilty Spark and when he was telling the story he seemed like Chakas, is this from multiple personalities or is it simply he was planning to do what he did all along. My final question is when Chakas said he served his enemnies and they became his only friends was he refering to the Forerunners?

Re: Halo Primordium

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/20/2012

Alas, some of my previous answers have elicited the appearance of a phalanx of heavily armored Forerunner Warrior-Servants. Too much has been revealed already!

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