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Topic: Greg, Have you had the opportunity to read Peter Watt's "Blindsight"?

From: John S
Location: Western MA
Date: 01/10/2012

I thought it was brilliant. I have been keeping my fingers crossed that you would expand on your Forge of God/Anvil of Stars Duology...and was thinking that Watt's recent "First Contact" novel might give you some motivation/inspiration to tell you next story in the Killers/Benefactors universe. As I have mentioned before, FOG and AOS are two of my favorite hard Sci-Fi novels of all time...and I (and thousands of other fans) want to know more of the fate and (hopefully) further adventures of the Martin, Hans, and all of the Dawn Treader children (as well as the Brothers) :)

Anyways, just wondering if you did happen to read "Blindsight", because I thought it was an original take on First Contact, Von Neuman probes, and especially the deeper, philosophical questions of intelligence, mind and consciousness. Especially the ultimate question Watt's poses regarding the evolutionary advantage (or disadvantage, as the case may be) of being both self-aware and intelligent.

Cheers, Greg. Can't wait for your next Sci-Fi endeavor(s). Just finished Hull Zero Three, and was blown away!

Re: Greg, Have you had the opportunity to read Peter Watt's

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/20/2012

Thanks, John! Have yet to read BLINDSIGHT but will definitely pick it up soon.

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