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Topic: Question about Forerunner Saga

From: Richard McGeary
Location: Johnstown,PA
Date: 01/05/2012

I have become a huge fan of your Halo Books entitled the Forerunner Saga. I've read both of the books that have been published. The most recent one,(Part 2 of the Forerunner Saga) was a book that a coulndn't put down. I had it read in 7 hours and now i'm wanting more. I know you just finished this one but will the next one be out soon. I actually look forward to the books more than the actual game itself. I hope you keep writing more Halo Books and I think i'm gonna look into your other ones as well. Thank you for the great work that you done in expanding the Halo Universe and I can't wait to see what's next.
Richard E. McGeary

Re: Question about Forerunner Saga

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/20/2012

Many thanks, Richard! Working on Forerunner Number 3 right now--title yet to be determined.

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