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Topic: Visualizations.

From: KL
Date: 12/22/2011

Mr. Bear,

I am an avid fan of your work, especially the Forerunner saga. Halo Has always been one of my favorite franchises, I've been playing and reading since I was 8 years old when Combat Evolved and the novel The Fall of Reach came out, and I love your additions to the Halo Universe.

There are some things that I, however, have trouble visualizing. The Precursor's description confuses me. From what I read in the book, it has a distorted human-shaped body with seeming vestigial legs and four arms, while also having a head like a spider or sea-scorpion, and a tail starting at the base of the head. Is this correct?

Also, so you picture forerunner armor and architecture as it is illustrated in Halo: Legends and the Combat Evolved Anniversary terminal features? Or do your designs deviate?

Merely curious, KL

Re: Visualizations.

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/17/2012

Thanks, KL! You do indeed have a reasonably accurate picture of what a certain kind of Precursor looks like. More to come! As for Forerunner armor, I leave it to the great folks at 343 to come up with the final concepts...

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