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Topic: Thank you

From: D McHugh
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: 12/17/2011

Just wanted to sound in with the rest of your Fans.
I've been reading ever since I can remember but it's your writing I always turn to these days.
Busy as my long days are I have little time to spare. I spend all too many hours staring at a computer screen that tires both my mind (I' m a multimedia programmer) and my eyes. Four chilldren and a happy marriage of 22 years. With all this I know when ever I pick up one of your books I'll always be challenged to put it down.

Thank you for the many years of reading you have given me and will give me to come.

Re: Thank you

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/17/2012

Thanks, D.! Paper is restful, is it not?

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