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Topic: Hi, Greg

From: gil artman
Location: bayside, ny
Date: 10/06/2011

I wrote you a few yrs ago simply to express the great pleasure your novels have given me; particularly, EON. Greg, please believe me when I tell you that I tried hard to figure this out, but I can't get anywhere on my own, so please tell me: if Lanier or Karen or the Russians (Soviets) had entered the Stone through the other cap, where in the Way would they find themselves? Best wishes and many, many thanks, Gil

Re: Hi, Greg

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/16/2012

Excellent question, Gil! My first presumption is that the Stone has a broom closet, and that's where they'd end up if they did something so foolish--but I'm sure the truth is otherwise. Any ideas?

Re: Hi, Greg

From: Gil Artman
Location: Bayside, NY
Date: 01/16/2012

It just occurred to me that I've made this more of a problem, perhaps, than necessary and that the answer might be comparatively simple to resolve...maybe there's no reason to assume, as I have, that entry by Lanier et al into the Stone through the opposite cap should necessarily involve hyperspatial distortion; that is, since the other cap is about 180 miles from the cap through which they DID enter, they would, upon entry, simply find themselves 180 miles further into the interior of the Stone (in the third chamber, I guess). But I'm still perplexed as to how such entry would appear to an observer already in the third chamber-would the entrants appear to materialze out of thin air? Or would they be observed breaking through the uppermost (or bottom-most) boundary of the chamber? Still confused, I'm afraid...

Re: Hi, Greg

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/20/2012

But you are proving my previous point! High-level thinking about an inherently difficult problem with an incomplete understanding of the underlying principles--same problems I had when writing about the Way in the first place. Keep going!

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