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Topic: Convention invitation

From: David Imgrund
Location: Twin Cities, Minnesota
Date: 10/05/2011

My name is David and I am representative and co-Chair for MarsCon 2013, a fan bases, fan run, science fiction / fantasy geek convention. 2013 will be our 15th convention and we hope to make it a spectacular one. Greg is a request from more than one of our workers and attendees. While I have worked with many celebrities, I am new to the being in charge side, so I apologize if this is not as professional as you might expect. Last year we had Alexis Cruz from Stargate and Shark fame. For a writer we had Lois McMaster Bjold. This year we have Babylon 5's Claudia Christian and Catherine Asaro. As a personal fan I can say it would be a great honor to host Greg for our 15th annual convention.

Our website is www.marscon.org and we hold our conventions the first weekend in March. So, assuming we survive the 2012 apocalypse, MarsCon 2013 will be March 1-3.

This is my MarsCon specific email so all responses will be addressed immediately.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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