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Topic: Writing(s)

From: Robert J. Drake
Location: Rome, NY
Date: 08/13/2011

Greg Bear,

I greatly admire your book "Songs of Earth and Power". I am a big fan of the fantasy genre period, actually. I am also an aspiring writer. (I know that in this day and age, what with all books going the way of the dinosaurs, and these e- readers taking the mantle of carrying the written word to new people, places, and a new era entirely, it is probably not one of the most sound decisions.) But,as I am a man of many talents, and the learniing capacity to match, I find myself confident, and flexible enough, to be able to afford my needs, day to day living, and my creative aspirations and goals. I have two questions. The first is this: "Why did you never write another sequel to the "Songs of Earth and Power" series? I thought that the whole worlds coming together was a stroke of genius. I found that the characters were at play in one of the most horrifically beautiful places I have ever seen in a work of fiction. I found the characters engaging and and easy to identify with. I enjoyed every word of your two volume foray into the journey of Micheal and his discoveries of self and the joining of the two worlds that he had to feel for his connection to. At the conclusion of "The Serpent Mage", I wanted nothing but more of the Geen Crona and Micheal. I was infinitely curious about how the joining was accomplished and integrated into the lives of both worlds inhabitatnts, and maybe some adventures of some other people that were experienced during their travels in the newly joined world. Maybe a new mage trainee? :-) The second question is probably not as easy as the first. " What advice, if any, do you have for an aspiring author?" I would be very interested to hear your thoughts. Especially with the changing climate of literature these days. I will eagerly await your response. But, as you are undoubtedly a busy man, as are most this day and age, I will therefore patiently await your eventual correspondence. Thank you for your time and consideration! :-)



Re: Writing(s)

From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/25/2011

Many thanks, Robert! All good questions--but for the time being, the two books will have to tell the tale. No plans for a third.

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