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Topic: Just Finished the Eon Trilogy

From: Andrew
Location: Indiana
Date: 01/25/2007

Mr. Bear,

I just finished reading Eternity this evening, and I was moved to tears by the end of the book as beloved characters made their peace with the destruction of the Way. I first discovered Eon years ago at a secondhand book sale and it quickly became my favorite science fiction book. Later I discovered the prequel and sequel. You did an excellent job of bringing everything together at the end of Eternity and truly giving a sense of finality and ending. Thanks for writing such a wonderful and engaging piece of science fiction, and keep up the great work!

Re: Just Finished the Eon Trilogy

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/25/2007

Many thanks, Andrew!

Re: Just Finished the Eon Trilogy

From: Ben
Location: Singapore
Date: 02/04/2007

Just finished Eon myself, and am keen on reading Eternity just to see how it all ties up. What a bloody wonderful book it is, and satisfying too. Some of the best sci-fi I feel has that epic, to-the-end-of-time arc (e.g. Babylon 5, Foundation, Robotech's End of the Circle) - Eon has this in spades: its basic premise, as it were!

This was actually the second time reading it. The first was 10 years ago and as I have a memory like a sieve I had forgotten most of it in the interim (I had retained the vague sense of how enjoyable it was) which made the rereading a delight.

Apparently Eternity closes the story arc on the series, but I was kinda wondering if there were any plans at all to reopen the arc? (Not having read Eternity I am kinda hoping that it wasn't tied up too neatly and with finality - i.e. cauterized such that no re-entry was possible, to borrow a metaphor from Eon.) Such is my enjoyment of this particular universe.

Many thanks for a great read.


Re: Just Finished the Eon Trilogy

From: Greg Bear
Date: 02/05/2007

Thanks, Ben! LEGACY adds an earlier chapter to the trilogy, and an even earlier chapter can be found in the short piece, "The Wind From a Burning Woman." No plans at the moment to re-open the Way, but take a look at the wonderful works posted from around the world for the EON
Challenge at the CGSociety! (Link on the opening page of my site.)

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