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Topic: Forerunner Trilogy Questions and Thanks

From: Ryan
Location: Australia
Date: 07/03/2011

Hi Greg first off Id like to say thankyou for the work your doing for the halo universe, I havent read any of your previous titles before but Im now quite curious of your work after reading cryptum and saving enough money to add your books to my collection.

I've grown up with the halo series since it began so it holds a very close place in my life and the Forerunners have been my main focus all the way through it. I admit that when I first read the preview pages of Cryptum I was skeptical at first due to a few issues but after reading the complete book i got hooked! my only regret was that it was so quick to read through.

Seeing how you've visualised the forerunner's culture and standing in the universe as well as showing their darker sides with the human war and the prophet rebellion my worries have settled, the team at 343 did well to choose you to write the forerunner trilogy, I dont know how well another author would have handled it but you've built another part of the universe which has the potential for growth.

I do have a few questions too, well quite a few in fact some on halo and a few others on other subjects, I understand if you dont have time to answer them all I just hope that I dont sound too pesky haha.

When you started thinking about how to create their culture, technology and their names what stood out the most to you with what was already known about them and visualised?

Also how does the halo universe compare to other sci fi universes you've taken an interest in or created?

what interests you the most about the halo universe?

As an author what is the most important thing to you of a universe you create and the characters that fill them?

Do you believe that faster than light travel and extrasolar expansion like the halo universe depicts would ever truly be obtainable or would generation ships be the only viable option for expanding into the galaxy?

Well there they are but before I finish I was just wondering if it would be possible for a small request?

I'm actually an art student at the moment finishing off my semester here in australia and for a project of mine I was hoping to do an illustration of the forerunner capitol and while you do describe it in the book im having a tough time trying to visualise it in my head properly, i was wondering if it would be at all possible if you send me a basic representation of what you visualised the capitol to be like?

I understand your a busy man and if you can't do it thats fine I hope that Im not intruding or being impolite :)

Thankyou for taking the time to read this exhaustingly long message and thankyou once again for the work your doing it is truly inspiring!
I hope that things continue going well for you

Re: Forerunner Trilogy Questions and Thanks

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/07/2011

These are all excellent questions, Ryan, but best answered at a panel or perhaps the upcoming HALO event here in Seattle, late August. Answering these now would delay finishing HALO PRIMORDIUM!

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