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Topic: Fan in the Philippines

From: John Anastacio
Location: Metro Manila, the Philippines
Date: 06/15/2011

Dear Mr Bear,

I was reading your novel Dead Lines a few days ago, enjoying it and the nice picture of you in the back.

Despite having read your books for many years, I had never looked you up on Google, and I did so then. I learned you had lived for a short while in the Philippines, where I currently reside.

So I visited your site for the express purpose of telling you you have a fan here. I've two copies each of Queen of Angels and Slant, because I'm a little hard on books and I want backup copies in case I lose one or it falls apart on me. I also love Songs of Earth and Power and many of your other books. You are a wonderful writer, with great command over characterization, setting, and plot, and even style.

I hope your family and your friends and you are doing well. Please take care. You have my good wishes.


Re: Fan in the Philippines

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/07/2011

Thanks, John! I was in the Philippines back in 1957-58, in Cavite and the former Sangley Point Naval base. I can still find one of our housing complexes on Google Earth, in fact.

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