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Topic: would you like this emailed to you?

From: David Dorais
Location: N Haller Lake, Seattle
Date: 06/11/2011

I can type up my handwritten list of occupation titles from The City at the End of Time-which I love--fantasy quest and cosmology/mythic super tech was quite a mash-up hat trick-- and send it via email as a word.doc if you'd like a copy.

I also have a fake 'under construction' posted sign for the "SeaTac Spaceport" which I could send along; which was samizdat at CascadiaCon. Most fen who've seen it think its both funny and clever/creative.

Really liked Hull Three- very similar to Pandorum but better written- but too short too much a novella. I've noticed a trend of mostly near future/high tech thriller settings in many of your recent books. I hope they've stretched your writer muscles enough and/or slushed the college fund with plenty of money you justly deserve. I miss the far future stuff you wrote at the beginning but understand if you've mined out that area for story ideas. It would also be nice if an original short story collection of new stuff could occur someday.

Will be at SteamCon 3, next Rustycon and Norwescon and I'm on staff at Westercon 65/SeaTac. Will be hosting the December 2011 NWSFS social as a Yule party- you're of course invited. Best wishes and best luck towards whatever you are currently researching/writing.

Re: would you like this emailed to you?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/07/2011

Thanks, David! Maybe we will run into each other at one of these events.

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