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Topic: Halo and Beyond

From: Joseph McMenamy
Location: California : USA
Date: 05/27/2011

Greetings Mr. Bear

Finding myself on the couch ignoring dinner to complete the final chapters, so enthralling. Your first entry [Cryptum] is praise worthy and unparallelled in the Halo universe. This is science fiction at its finest and an extremely enjoyable read.

As with the many other posters, I am eagerly waiting for the subsequent releases and will be pre-ordering them as soon as it is available on Amazon. I am cemented as a permanent fan of your work since discovering [Eternity] and [The Forge of God].

Please consider expanding your tour into the Halo universe beyond the initially planned trilogy. There are many areas of story expansion to explore in Halo. Looking at the Dune or Darkover universe as examples where 20 to 30 books were written to the delight of the readers.

And while Im on the subject, any thoughts to working your magic for the Stargate franchise ? There is a similar concept and equally underdeveloped story arc of a epoch spanning advance technology driven race called the Ancients. With over a decade of plot development in the three TV shows, there is a large fan base that would be eager for your stewardship .


Re: Halo and Beyond

From: Greg Bear
Date: 07/30/2011

Thanks, Joseph! HALO PRIMORDIUM is almost finished. No plans to work in other franchises soon--though my son, Erik, has contributed a five script run for JURASSIC PARK comics for IDW. First issue will be out this September! We story-jammed a bit on those.

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