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Topic: Halo Questions

From: Eric Frost
Location: Chicago
Date: 05/26/2011

Having read practically everything he's published, I don't think I've ever been so confused after reading anything written by Greg Bear, probably because I don't have any background with Halo -- all I know it's an MS XBOX hit.

Anyway, I jotted down some of the loose threads I felt were hanging. For my own part, I do intend to read this again immediately.

I'd be happy if Greg Bear was going to be the writer in future novels to tie these things up, but I'm afraid if he's just dabbling for one novel like with Star Wars. (Admittedly his was my favorite, at the time I'd actually read most of the Star Wars novels, before getting hooked on GB's writing).

* Confused about the comment about the Librarian's plans being aligned with Master Builder's plans and what really happened there.
* Regarding the end, so we find out the Forerunners killed out the Precursors, so what? Does one individual want vengeance?
* Does the Precursor prisoner actually have control over the "Contender/Mendicus Bias" or what's going on? Also what's their plan?
* Confused about status of various Halos during climax. And during re-entry why do they see mountains and stuff, where's that from.
* Was the Didact actually executed on the Son'shar or whatever planet or not?
* Are the Precursor's behind the Flood?

Like I said, I'll re-read the book, but it didn't seem like the tight Greg Bear literature I'm used to, I probably had to already be immersed in the Halo universe to totally understand what's going on. Maybe I can figure out more with a quick Wikipedia read to get more backstory :-)

Also, I don't know anything about commercial writing or how one makes a living at it, but I'd love to see Greg Bear evolve the "Slant" universe further. Worked for me. Or other more unique and interesting stuff!


Re: Halo Questions

From: Greg Bear
Date: 07/30/2011

Thanks, Eric! Some of these issues will be carried on into vol 2, which we're calling HALO: PRIMORDIUM at the moment. And while a familiarity with HALO games definitely opens up some "easter egg" moments, most of the confusions you're pointing to are actually unresolved plot points awaiting later resolution. As for SLANT and QUEEN OF ANGELS, the more recent novels QUANTICO and MARIPOSA have joined the historical timeline, prior to QUEEN OF ANGELS. HEADS and MOVING MARS are later in the same timeline.

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