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Topic: Qauntico.

From: Vitaly Sorokin
Location: Russia
Date: 05/24/2011

Dear Mr. Bear
Reading Quantico. (Great, by the way, as always) Starting Chapter 56. The very beggining.
Did you just guessed it? I mean replace Saudi Arabia with Lybia and here we go. Are you a prophet :-) Even Russian "initial tacit support" is right on the money. Or am I missing something? When did you right the book and how could you have foreseen things so accurately? Bravo, Mr. Bear.
My best regards.
Vitaly Sorokin

Re: Qauntico.

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/25/2011

I wrote QUANTICO back in 2004-2005. Don't tell anybody about my time-reversed subscription to the New York Times!

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