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Topic: Convergence! *Minor spoilers*

From: Noel
Location: Seattle
Date: 05/21/2011

Mr. Bear,

I've recently started reading Mariposa, and took pleasure in finding that you've linked the Quantico 'universe' narrative to that of Queen of Angels.

I consider Queen of Angels your finest work to date, and indeed the finest work of science fiction I've ever read. Your exercise with the language grammar diction was entertaining (and I do wish you continued with it in Slant). The Country of the Mind, the psychological schema it implicated, and the sociological dynamic between the therapied, naturals, and the transhuman option were intriguing. Jill's emergence into self-awareness was a poignant account. I miss Mary Choy, Jill, and their world of combs and jags, sunset gold and shadows no exponential incline singularity there but a slow warm ascendancy don't come to us we'll come to you.

Queen of Angels is one of a few books I both wish and dread a movie would be made of; wish, for all to see the magnificence of the ideas it assembles; and dread, knowing no movie could possibly do it any justice. (On the other hand, there's HBO.)

Thank you for the continuity, and I hope you'll consider taking us to more trips with pd Choy someday. Cheers.

Re: Convergence! *Minor spoilers*

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/25/2011

Many thanks, Noel!

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