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Topic: Halo Cryptum: The Didact's Ship

From: Andrew Plebanek
Location: WI, USA
Date: 05/18/2011

To Mr. Bear:

While reading Halo: Cryptum, I was very interested by the concept of the "design seed" used to construct the Didact's ship. I did have a few questions as to how the whole ship-building process works, though:
So the pillars used to build the ship were assembled from the raw materials of the mountain by the war sphinxes (or at least that's how I understood it), but to build the ship itself, did they literally "unfold" themselves and connect together to create the ship's hull, or were they construction devices that materialized the ship as they spun around? Also, is a design seed just a blueprint for a ship, or a miniature factory of some kind? I know I could probably just wave it away and say "bah, it's hyper-advanced alien technology, who knows," but I just like visualizing these things (plus I'm thinking of illustrating a few scenes from the book)

I also had a follow-up from another question I pestered you with some months ago:
Is it possible that the Didact (the original Didact) was able to communicate with his wife during his travels with Bornstellar? If so, that would provide a solution to the whole timeline issue I talked about last time

Thanks for your time,
-Andrew Plebanek

Re: Halo Cryptum: The Didact's Ship

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/25/2011

As for the design seed, it likely utilizes both material from the mountain and hard light components to fabricate the final ship. And as for what's up with the Terminal messages... good question! More to come.

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