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Topic: Hardfought

From: Brett Belcastro
Location: Massachusetts, USA
Date: 05/05/2011

...was shockingly good.

Found an old volume of Hugo/Nebula nominees from 1983 in a box my aunt left in our attic (she's a sci-fi nut too) and I couldn't resist reading it. By far, best story of the bunch was your novella Hardfought (Blood Music was also included, and was just shy of achieving equally excellent status).

I'm a bit late to the party, I guess, but it was one of those stories that's hard to finish because you get reminded that these things are finite and actually have to end at some point. My only disappointment is that it was not a fully-featured novel in its own right.

It's also aroused in me an interest in your other work. Which of your other works would you first recommend to a new fan, an aspiring writer like myself?

Re: Hardfought

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/25/2011

Thanks, Brett! HARDFOUGHT could definitely lead you on to CITY AT THE END OF TIME, which is even more expansive. Let me know what you think!

Re: Hardfought

From: Steven Becker
Location: San Jose
Date: 06/23/2011

For me, the full-length book that matched Hardfought closest in terms of emotional response was Hull Zero Three. They both felt like Mr. Bear showing us a possible (and horrifically wrong) path we take ourselves down with best of intent.

Re: Hardfought

From: Ricardo
Location: Encinitas, CA
Date: 08/06/2011

" ...was shockingly good. " Yes indeed! I discovered GB the same way; an old paperback collection of SF short stories that had Hardfought in it.

Greg can be a little self-deprecating when it comes to discussing Hardfought, so lets just call it one of the greatest short stories ever written and leave it at that...

Re: Hardfought

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/07/2011

There are similarities, aren't there? Interesting how these themes keep popping up. Also, compare HULL ZERO THREE with "Scattershot."

Re: Hardfought

From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/25/2011

I won't disagree!

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