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Topic: time paradox in Eon

From: David Gress
Location: Denmark
Date: 04/30/2011


You state in "Eon" that when Korzenowski opened the Way, the Stone was somehow whipped into our continuum. The Stone appears in our continuum in late 2000 A.D.

Yet at the Axis cities some 600 years have passed since the Way opened.

I can accept that time runs at different rates at the Axis cities than at the Stone, but ...

You also say that people traveled from the Axis back to Thistledown frequently. And, in "Eon," we have people traveling up the Way and back.

So, if 5 our-continuum years (from the appearance of the Stone to WWIII, the Death) is to match 600-plus years at the Axis cities, how do you explain the easy coming and going along the Way? Olmy has apparently visited Thistledown on several occasions during his centuries of life at the Cities. All this within the two to three our-continuum years while the Stone is in our space?

How can the Cities, and the Way itself, endure all these centuries AFTER the Stone is whipped into our continuum, if at the same time (?) people travel from the Cities to Thistledown and back again. Where does what rate of time kick in?

I know that time-paradox stories can make your head turn. But this one defeats me.

Re: time paradox in Eon

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/25/2011

This is a good question and may point to a great many complexities that we could spend hours working through... Great fun! But the simplest explanation might be that the Stone and the Way are causally linked, or linked through some (magical) Korzenowski tech, and operate as an entity. (The Way itself is of course outside our universe.) And when the Stone/Way entity whiplashes back through time, it's no more peculiar for the whole complex to move back than if the Time Traveler's shoes go with him when he pushes the lever backward or forward. But I'm happy to hear more about the physics complexities! Might make for another story.

Re: time paradox in Eon

From: Rob
Location: Ireland
Date: 05/31/2011

I've always seen it as the stone appears in our solar system at that time but has been in our universe longer travelling here.

Time was then correctly synchronized between the Way and the Stone when they were connected.

Fascinating concepts though.

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