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Topic: Hello

From: Cesar Perez
Location: 2115 Torena Way Oxnard, California
Date: 04/14/2011

Hello Greg Bear I'm a Huge Fan an I'd Just wanna say That Halo Cryptum is the best book ever which is strange because I swore to god I would never read a book yet I find trying to my self fascinated by all the book on the halo series I am a HUGE halo fan and I just want'ed to know if you or anybody else would be working on any new books if not It would be really cool if you and Bungie made probably 6 separate books each about a separate halo character 6 (and more if wanted) on noble team and tell story's based on their opinion(more of the author's opinion since they're just characters in a game and book)of the fall of reach and a story leading to each of nobles death a on a separate page a couple of fan comments like for example "I think Emile is a mix of a hardass fighter and a legendary Spartan
-Cesar A Perez
Thank you for at least listen to my idea

Re: Hello

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/10/2011

My pleasure, Cesar. Glad to have you along for the trip!

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