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Topic: Halo Cryptum

From: Patrick Perkins
Location: Sunnvyale, CA
Date: 04/13/2011

Mr. Bear

I have read all your other books over the decades with unmitigated pleasure. This book was unbearable and suitable for 13 and under. The plot was poorly developed and the characters very thin.

I am very surprised you wrote this. Please re-read The Forge of God. Now compare that fine authoring to this composition.

I wasted my credit at Audible.Com on this one.

We all need to make a living I suppose. L Ron Hubbard would be proud of this one.

Re: Halo Cryptum

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/10/2011

Ah, what a relief! I'm not joking when I say that the response to CRYPTUM has been so very positive that I've been worried. You relieve my mind on this matter, Patrick. So let me know what you thought about CITY AT THE END OF TIME and HULL ZERO THREE. More your cup of tea, I hope?

Re: Halo Cryptum

From: Matt
Location: UT
Date: 05/23/2011

First off, i would like to know if your gonna have a sequel to this book. I am fully involved with the story line of Halo and i view this book as a welcomed addition to the growing Halo universe.

Re: Halo Cryptum

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/25/2011

Sequel! Yes. Two of them. Thanks, Matt.

Re: Halo Cryptum

From: Grey101
Location: VA
Date: 06/23/2011

First off i would like to say cryptum was probably the BEST novel to date. on par with any of erics novels (which people hold with such high praise)

I would like to address that majority of the people that don't like cryptum are new to forerunner canon and have a hard time understanding it. thus they say it is "bad", they also dislike it because of the lack of action; foregetting that this book is explaining a culture not aliens shooting up malls or something.

with this being said there are only a very very few people that are an dislike the book for good reason. Keep true to the first book Greg and remember that you are explaining a culture, don't put random battles in to please people.

The people that know the halo lore inside and out are drooling over your work and are happy, if there are any issues we will let you know. :)

Re: Halo Cryptum

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/07/2011

Thanks for the support and insight!

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