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Topic: Halo Cryptum question

From: Chris
Location: Charlotte
Date: 04/12/2011

Why was the book 343 pages? I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and the raw information regarding the Halo universe, but I feel like some important parts were wayyy to rushed. Take the introduction of Mendicant Bias for example. His introduction was a major plot twist, and he is a very important character if I'm not mistaken. Yet the scene where he is introduced just comes and goes without any real bang. Please tell me you weren't forced to make it that long because of 343 Industries.

I realize that a comment like this isn't fit for the Discussion Board but I would really appreciate a response.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Halo Cryptum question

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/10/2011

Wow, I never noticed that! It is definitely a conspiracy--or a harbinger. Actually, Mendicant Bias plays a major role in the next novel, so it's not over, Chris. Working on all that right now. More soon!

Re: Halo Cryptum question

From: Anthony
Location: Bewbush
Date: 08/30/2011

Loved Cryptum, reading it again! Does the second continue stright from the end of Cryptum. Also i noticed on the Halopedia site that Chakas is talking about Erde-Tyrene and how it is now Earth, what time period is it in? If of course you dont mind answering that

Re: Halo Cryptum question

From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/25/2011

Right after or congruent with CRYPTUM. Lets hope Chakas knows better than to post spoilers!

Re: Halo Cryptum question

From: Bijan
Location: Philippines
Date: 12/16/2011

How did you come up with the name "Erde-Tyrene"? It sounds fancy.

Re: Halo Cryptum question

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/17/2012

Fanciful, yes. But not unrooted!

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