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Topic: Praise for Anvil

From: Chris
Location: Birmingham, AL
Date: 04/06/2011

Being an avid sci-fi reader, I found that the dual series Forge of God and Anvil of the Stars proved to be more emotionally stirring, at least personally, than any other book I have read of this genre - particularly the moral ambiguity facing the Anvil crew. Greg, keep up the fantastic work! We are all looking forward to a 3rd novel in this series. :)

Re: Praise for Anvil

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/10/2011

Thanks, Chris! I've been thinking about that one for some time now.

Re: Praise for Anvil

From: James Spradlin
Location: Fresno, California
Date: 05/19/2011

I first read Forge and Anvil so long ago that the pages have since turned yellow with age. I JUST finished re-reading Anvil for the 4th or 5th time, and thought to see if there was a third installment in the hopes of finding out what happened to the Dawn Treader II and her crew, as well as the Brothers.

I am elated upon finding that there is indeed something happening with the third book. And eager, hopeful and terrified at the prospect of them being made into feature films.(Thoughts of my 20 year wait for Battlefield:Earth and the subsequent horror at the end result are still painful to this day, LOL!)

Modern technology being where it is, they should be Spectacular! I will keep a close "Eye on Sky" for them all!

Thank you for keeping my mind entertained and active!


Re: Praise for Anvil

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/25/2011

Thanks, James.

Re: Praise for Anvil

From: Dennis Williams
Location: Danville, IL
Date: 06/22/2011

Like James, I've just reread this duopoly for the umpteenth time and get something new out of them every time. But, I'm always left wanting MORE! I'm sure Chris and James agree with me, and probably thousands of fans of the series out there in sci-fi land, that we need to know what happens to this fascinating cast of characters (humans, brothers, mothers and ship's minds) after the Leviathan system has been destroyed and ultimately discovered to be ruse that it was.

Thanks for all you've written and keep on thinking about this one!!

Re: Praise for Anvil

From: justin reeder
Location: cambridge uk
Date: 06/25/2011

hello, Anvil of Stars is the best book you have written and one of the top ten/probably even top five, sci-fi books of all time, it should be much better known than it is. Do you agree its your best?

Re: Praise for Anvil

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/07/2011

I thank you, Dennis, and the Brothers thank you as well. They're tired of doing yardwork out back (they're excellent weeders), and long to get back into space and get some real work done!

Re: Praise for Anvil

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/07/2011

Ah, that's always a tough question! It is one of my personal favorites, however.

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