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Topic: Deadlines Commentary

From: Paul
Location: Bay Area, California
Date: 04/01/2011

I am currently in the midst of a Greg Bear reading barrage. I found that too many of your books were very good so i might as well read as many as i could while i have some time.
I just finished Deadlines and was surprised that there wasn't more discussion on it. I have a few questions but would like to start simply. So, I was wondering if you the author identified with the character of Phil the author?
Oh, and btw instead of Bruce Willis, i kinda saw Jeff Bridges as Peter and think this would make a good movie although i cringe at all the possible cheeseball effects that could be used for shadowy entities.

Re: Deadlines Commentary

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/09/2011

Thanks, Paul! You're living in the right part of the world for DEAD LINES, no? Phil is actually drawn from a loose portrait of one of my friends, photographer, artist and author (and filmmaker) William Rotsler. I suspect Bill would be charmed with either Jeff Bridges or Bruce Willis, but Bridges is definitely right for the part. Somehow, if Kevin Spacey were to plump up a bit, I think he might also fit right in.

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