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Topic: EON at iTunes

From: Tim Stine
Location: Goodyear, Az
Date: 03/24/2011

Mr. Bear,

I have a very worn out copy of Eon and was in the mood to read it again. I decided to try finding it at iTunes and was surprised to find many of your books but not EON. Will Eon be offered on iTunes or is there some legal issue preventing this from happening?

BTW, I got my Eon copy in 1990 when I was stationed in Germany. I found it at our base library in a rack of donated books that anyone could take and keep. It was just a lucky day for me. As it turned out, Eon may be the single best book I've ever read. I love that book. Great great job.

Best Regards,

Re: EON at iTunes

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/10/2011

Hello, Tim--

EON is available through E-Reads, which sells on Kindle, which has a good app for iPad and iPhone. I'm not sure why the book is not directly available through iTunes.

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