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Topic: An inquiry on the sequel to CRYPTUM

From: Sam Mansfield
Location: Houston, TX
Date: 03/24/2011

Mr. Bear,

I would, first off, like to congratulate you on-- as well as thank you for-- your contributions to Halo, and the Halo universe. Your book was profoundly engaging the whole way through, and I look forward to reading it a second time now that I've become more familiar with Forerunner jargon, terms, and concepts that, at the beginning of the book, had eluded me.

That being said, I would like to ask when I can look forward to seeing the second instillation made into this already awesome trilogy? I'm sure you've been asked before, and I'm sure you'll be asked again, but I can't stop myself from asking. I get the impression that you're very prolific, and that you like to keep yourself busy, but I have seen no hint or insinuation on the internet as to the date of the release of Cryptum's sequel, and I can't wait to see it released. :)

But again, congratulations! You're an exceptional writer, and I look forward to becoming more well-acquainted with your work as time goes on.

Re: An inquiry on the sequel to CRYPTUM

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/10/2011

Thanks, Sam--working away on number 2. Takes a little time to figure out what Forerunners and the Precursor were actually up to!

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